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The versatility of our technology provides a number of significant benefits to any existing small treatment works including:

  • The specially designed transducers are attached to the outside of the pipe, whereas in in-line ultrasonic processing the sonotrode is inside the pipe and cavitation intensity is high, causing erosion of the sonotrode tip, which would then require shutdown and manual replacement.
  • Our technology uses a unique bar-style transducer, which combined with our unique generator creates a frequency sweep that spreads ultrasonic cavitations over a greater surface area to minimize erosion. This eliminates the need for a sonotrode tip so there is no tip erosion and no need to stop the process for replacement or regular maintenance.
  • The reactor applies ultrasound to a large area with even power density & low attenuation to maximize the processing capabilities.
  • Uniform ultrasound delivery reduces both attenuation and localized heating.
  • New technology retrofittable to existing lines with minimal disruption.
  • Cheaper than ‘standard’ ultrasonic systems.
  • Potential to benefit from 50% higher flow rates, 30% pump power reduction, much greater process capability, much lower maintenance cost & no blockages, in addition to up to 30% improvement in biogas yield from digestion.
  • Removing the need for expensive chemical treatment on site means that the site will not require a chemical licence.
  • The biosonic reactor could be used as a temporary mobile treatment facility to resolve site specific problems by installing the unit on a trailer.