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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Ltd t/a Hilsonic have over 35 years’ experience as a leading developer of ultrasonic process and precision equipment for many industries throughout Europe including those for industrial cleaning, food processing, oil processing, metal recovery and medical.

The patented technologies use ultrasound to remove problem contamination from all types of hard surfaces such as metals, plastics and ceramics and our equipment can be employed to clean items of all shapes, sizes and technical complexity, accessing cavities that everyday cleaning methods would be unable to reach.

Our ultrasonic cleaning process is based on the use of transducers, which are attached to the external surface of the device to prevent treatment impedance. These transducers generate ultrasound waves that vibrate the fluid inside at high speed creating a process called cavitation, whereby millions of bubbles are generated and then collapse and implode, thereby cleaning every opening within the device and removing dirt and grime almost instantly.

Now Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems have designed the Biosonic Reactor which can be used to improve the breakdown of sewage within wastewater treatment and which offers a number of key benefits compared to normal sewage treatment processes.



Traditional ultrasonic flow processing methods used to treat sewage have not achieved high market penetration due to their inherent design deficiencies, which produce unacceptable line stoppages and process failures. They restrict flow, cause hang-ups and require high maintenance. Traditional systems share a common design, utilizing a cone or cylindrical probe mounted internally in a pipe system.

The Biosonic Reactor uses a unique rectangular bar sonotrode that can be secured to the outside of the pipe. They can be fitted in annular rings and along the pipe, inducing high energy and a large activation area to maximize the processing capabilities.